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Al Andalus holding is proud to include two Glass Factories. These factories are one of the largest projects of Al Andalus holdings group, contributing to boost the Saudi Renaissance and keeping up with the demands of the construction market and provision of architecture services in Saudi Arabia. In particular, projects that depend on Facades, Doors, Domes and Pyramids. Whether it was large government projects or special projects or even commercial complexes. Giving a touch of beauty since Glass gives wonderful colors and reflections of the modern man's capacity for innovation in methods of architecture and how to take advantage of the tremendous development of that. So was the need to provide machinery and equipment as well as staff and sources capable of managing the large and multiple uses of glass. We have provided in Al Andalus Glass Company all that would meet the needs of the Saudi market for techniques, mechanisms and staff able to provide supply for any request, whatever the specifications and requirements of the Glass through the establishment of the factories which are able meet and provide for applications for Glass with global specifications and high quality and to certified warranty and not to forget the reasonable price for all of that. As our qualities are recommended by construction consultants and architecture since we have certificates from several international destinations. The factories have three lines for Tempering Glass in the latest models as well as safety Glass production line known as (Laminated glass) and other production lines. Our factory excels in all what is new and useful to the client. For example:

1. Double-glazed Glass.
2. Structural Glass.
3. Tempered Glass.
4. Stained glass.
5. Sand blast Glass.

Al Andalus Glass Factory Company guarantees quality production by a seal of the company's name on the Glass produced, which distinguishes it from the rest of the other Glass companies.

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